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The Taoiseach says he doesn’t expect to see a significant mass roll out of any potential vaccine in Ireland until the middle of 2021. Mícheál Martin made the comments on Cork’s RedFM this morning and says there are a number of obstacles to overcome before any roll out including waiting for vaccines to be sanctioned […]

The economy will shrink this year but rebound next year according to a new economic report. Accounting group EY is predicting GDP will contract by 3.9% this year and grow by 3.6% in 2021. EY Ireland Chief Economist Neil Gibson says multinationals will play a significant role. “That multinational cushion may not seem like much comfort to […]

More than 2,500 students will start their delayed Leaving Cert this evening. Biology is the first subject – with the exam starting at 5.30pm. They are scheduled to take place on evenings and weekends until December 11th. Guidance counsellor Donnchadh O’Mahoney says most of those sitting the exams are already taking college courses. “Some of […]

The Chief Medical Officer says a recent rise in the number of Covid-19 cases is a worrying development. 378 more infections were confirmed including 19 in Cork, and one further patient died. The estimated national 14-day incidence rate of the disease is now at 127, which is at its lowest point since October 8th. Dr […]

There has also been 9 further deaths confirmed by the Dept Of Health there 2 of these deaths were outside the 24 hour period. There are currently 415 patients with Covid-19 in hospital in Northern Ireland. 49 patients with the virus are in ICU.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs says the UK and EU need to dial down the language on emotive issues. He’s also criticised the British government’s Internal Market Bill, which would allow ministers to break international law. Talks between the UK and the EU will resume in Brussels tomorrow.

2,820 students have opted to sit the postponed Leaving Cert with the exams beginning tomorrow. The exams will take place during evenings and weekends between November 16th and December 11th. Students who have already received calculated grades and decide to sit the written exams will be given the higher marks of the two.

That’s according to new figures released by Gardai under Operation Tara In June of this year, additional Gardai were assigned to drug units in Cork City. They found that while the decreased footfall due to the Covid-19 pandemic had reduced certain types of crime, drug dealing and possession of drugs for sale and supple had […]

It’s after five new admissions over the past 24 hours The figure marks a continued decline since the end of October when 354 coronavirus patients were receiving hospital treatment. 33 people are in ICUs.

It follows his attendance at the Oireachtas golf society dinner The Chief Justice has said it is his view that the judge should resign, but Justice Woulfe has refused. The Party leaders discussed the stand-off last week to chart a way out of the crisis but failed to  reach a decision on the way forward. Legal […]



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