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NPHET is recommending that the whole country enter Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions This was discussed by senior ministers at length yesterday, without agreement. The Cabinet is due to resume its deliberations on the issue tomorrow. The Green Party leader says there are a lot of issues to be considered:

That’s according to the Intensive Care Society of Ireland It’s President  Dr. Colman O’Loughlin claims in today’s Business Post that the peak critical care capacity of 529 included a number of ‘theoretical’ beds. He adds that ventilators could have been provided, but without specifically assigned staff there’s no guarantee they could open. The HSE has […]

They hold on to top spot in the Sunday Times Irish Rich List The family are valued at 11.8 billion euro, despite a fall of 114 million euro. Tipperary brothers Patrick and John Collison are the second wealthiest, with their fortunes up 2.75 billion euro to 7.75 billion euro. Sunday Times Irish Rich List Compiler, Colm […]

Lengthy meetings took place yesterday with no decision made The sector has been among the worst hit by the pandemic but now it says it’s laser focused on getting restaurants back open for Christmas. CEO Adrian Cummins says they were happy to let the Government do whatever was needed to save the festive period:

1,276 new cases have been confirmed along with 8 further deaths There are 278 cases in Dublin, 149 in Cork, 108 in Meath, 107 in Galway, 80 in Wexford, and the remaining cases are in 21 other counties. UCC Professor Gerry Killeen is concerned about the next 6 weeks but thinks we can get the […]

A meeting was held by senior ministers yesterday afternoon to discuss moving to Level 5 These Lengthy meetings yesterday broke up without any agreement on whether or not to implement NPHET’s advice. Seán Defoe has this report for RedFM News:

The main stories making the headlines across Cork It will be tomorrow evening at the earliest before we know whether a second lockdown will be approved by the government. === A Cork-based professor wants to crush the curve as the Republic of Ireland has seen a record new cases of coronavirus. 1,276 new cases have […]

Officials there have also reported two more deaths It comes as a so called ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown came into force there yesterday. Schools are closed for at least two weeks, but pubs restaurants and beauty salons are all shut for a month.

The meeting got underway at 3 Sean Defoe has this report for RedFM News:

It’s hoped they could be rolled out nationwide by the end of the year The Irish Times reports that groups undergoing routine testing with the standard PCR swabs will also be asked to take a rapid antigen test along with it. The trial will be undertaken over a period of weeks and the results of […]



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