5 maternity units not fully compliant on easing restrictions for partners

Five of the country’s 19 maternity units are NOT fully compliant with HSE guidelines on easing restrictions for partners.

The HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer has asked the units to facilitate a minimum 30 minute a day visit – as well as having the partner present for anomaly scans, the birth of the child and access to neo-natal units. 

The Health Minister has said 14 of the 19 maternity hospitals are fully compliant with the easing of those restrictions. 

Stephen Donnelly said local issues in the five others are preventing greater access for the partners of pregnant women.

“Tipperary University Hospital has an issue with its daily visiting, Waterford University Hospital the same.

“Letterkenny University Hospital – there’s an issue with high Covid in the area, and staff absenteeism, St Luke’s in Kilkenny there’s an issue specifically around the scan – there isn’t room for partners to be safely accommodate for the scan, we’re basically getting the equipment moved to somewhere where there is.

“And Wexford General hospital as well on daily visiting.”

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