Cannabis related hospital admissions quadruple

Hospital admissions of young people with a cannabis-related diagnosis have quadrupled over a 12 year period.

It’s one of the findings of a new report about young people and the use of the drug.

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has warned that cannabis represents the “gravest threat to the mental health of young people in Ireland today”.

As well as the 300 percent increase in hospital admission between 2005 and 2017, the body is warning one in 3 young people become addicted if they use it weekly, or more often.

It adds cannabis affects a teenager’s ability to learn social and problem-solving skills, while potentially stunting cognitive ability and general emotional intelligence.

The College is calling on the government to initiate a comprehensive public awareness campaign on the dangers of the drug, adding psychiatric services are under huge pressure due to misconceptions that it’s mostly harmless.

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