City Councillor calls for seized drug money to go to local communities

A City Councillor is calling for money confiscated during drug seizures in Cork to be invested into local communities.

Councillor Ken O’Flynn’s motion will be put to the Council next month and would involve redirecting the money into local addiction services, youth organisations, and community initiatives.

The current system sees all confiscated cash put into a central Government fund which is then distributed to services across the country.

Speaking to RedFM News, Councillor Ken O’Flynn says the idea is broadly in operation across Europe and is calling for Ireland to follow.

“The big problem that I see all the time is that monies are going from Cork to Dublin, and we’re never held to account of what’s happening after that.

“And what the problem is here is that we have a big population here and we should be getting a bigger slice of the cherry, and quite often that just doesn’t happen.

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