Cork Penny Dinners anticipating busiest Christmas to date

A Cork charity says some people in the city are more exposed to the impact of COVID19 than others and struggle every day to find a toilet and somewhere to wash their hands.

Cork Penny Dinners say they’re anticipating their busiest Christmas to date as they continue to encounter social problems they have never had to deal with before as a result of lockdown such as people sleeping in their cars in the cold after fights in the home.

The charity has also had to reduce its volunteer count due to the COVID19 outbreak and say they’re working day and night delivering hampers of food and checking on people who don’t have a roof over their head.

Speaking to RedFM News Catriona Twomey of Cork Penny Dinners says they’re encountering scenarios they’ve never seen before as people are more vulnerable than ever before and recovery will be dependent on the Government’s response.

“We’ve learned to adapt. We’ve always been growing and evolving over the years.

“But the amount of adaptability now that we need is just beyond the beyond.

“But we’re tough, too. We’ve our night riders out at night just to keep everybody safe. The people out on the streets need to be kept very very safe second time around. They don’t have toilets available to them.

“The way the tsunami hits and devastates everything – we’ll either recover or we’ll go down further.

“Recovery will be based entirely on the government – they have to step up to the mark.”

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