Debenhams Workers Say They’ll Remain On Picket Line If High Court Grants Injunction To KPMG

The liquidator wants to remove stock from the stores.

Three former Debenhams workers are in court today including former Mahon Point Debenhams worker Carol Ann Bridgeman, and although her colleagues can’t support her due to COVID19 restrictions, they say they’ll show their support by blocking any vans that arrive after today’s case is heard.

Workers here in Cork and at all of the 11 stores across the country have been blocking vans accessing the Debenhams buildings and say any left over stock in the stores is belonging to them and should be used to pay their redundancy.

Speaking to RedFM News Patrick St Shop Steward Valerie Conlon says they’re all stuck in limbo as they can’t move on to other employment while they’re on the picket line, but they won’t back down:

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