Michael Flatley Sells Mask Worn By Anthony Hopkins As Hannibal Lecter For €85,000

There were bids from as far away as Singapore, Taiwan and the US west coast.

Hundreds of thousands of euro worth of art and memorabilia from the dancer’s home in Fermoy was up for auction at Sheppard’s in Co Laois last night.

Auctioneer Phillip Sheppard says the mask was used in the filming of the 2001 sequel to Silence of the Lambs.

“It’s the actual mask that Sir Anthony Hopkins wore on set for the movie Hannibal, and it’s there, it’s in a box frame, it’s got the lighting strip on it, make it even more gruesome, it’s got red LED lights on it. And it’s signed by Sir Anthony Hopkins, and his co star, Julianne Moore.”

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