Restaurants And Gastro Pubs Set To Open In December Despite NPHET Advice

Cabinet Ministers will meet this afternoon to finalise the approach to be taken over the coming weeks.

The coalition party leaders and a number of senior Ministers have decided to go against NPHET advice and open restaurants and gastro pubs next month.

However there will be stricter rules on household gatherings around Christmas.

NPHET had recommended restaurants and pubs be take-away only, but they will be allowed to open sometime in the next two weeks.

Retail and other services like hairdressers, barbers and gyms will have the green light to open next week.

But pubs that only serve drink are likely to stay closed.

NPHET had recommended either re-opening hospitality or strict rules on household gatherings.

Instead the approach put to Ministers later will be a bit of both, but with fewer people able to visit a household in the week of Christmas than planned.

The instruction to stay within your county is also going to stay in place until the 18th of December at least, after which there will be a window when travel across the country for Christmas will be allowed


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