Up to 200,000 children living in homes impacted by alcohol use

New research says up to 200,000 children live in homes impacted by alcohol use.

The report from Alcohol Action Ireland and UCC says problematic drinking by parents is a major cause of childhood trauma, which can in turn give rise to lifelong implications.

The paper says children and young people need their schools to be a place of refuge and is recommending schools strengthen links with Tusla and the Gardaí to support a child that may be at risk of hidden harm.

Speaking to RedFM News, Dr Sharon Lambert from the School of Applied Psychology at UCC says a national framework like what is operating in the UK is needed.

“If the police are called to a home as a result of an alcohol related or a violence related incident in a home at night time that the police would liaise with the school and other services so that everybody can make sure that the child feels safe the next day.

“So if the child does come into school, and if their behaviour is a little bit off, they’d be treated in a compassionate way.”

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