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14th of Jan 2021
Ask Audrey – Duckie Prendergast was sent to a test centre in Blackpool, and much more…

7th of Jan 2021
Ask Audrey – Jenni wants a Covid-free au pair, and much more…

17th of Dec 2020
Ask Audrey – Rosealeen’s boyfriend is an awful pervert, and much more…

10th of Dec 2020
Ask Audrey – Ed’s buying edible knickers for his personal chef, and much more…

3rd of Dec 2020
Ask Audrey – Jenni wants to know if you can get a hangover from hot port, and much more…

26th of Nov 2020
Ask Audrey – Cork has developed a vaccine called Langball

12th of Nov 2020
Ask Audrey – It’s getting horny on Jenni’s WhatsApp group, and much more…

5th of Nov 2020
Ask Audrey – Dowcha Donie’s son says Santa instead of Santy, and much more…

29th of Oct 2020
Ask Audrey – Rosealeen is planning a ‘sexy phone call’ with a guy from Clonmel, and much more…

22nd of Oct 2020
Ask Audrey – Jurgens girlfriend likes him stroking her cat, and much more…

It's time to Ask Audrey!

She's been sorting out Cork’s problems for ages in the Irish Examiner, and now she’s coming to Cork's Red FM! Your favourite agony aunt is hitting the airwaves. The Irish Examiner's Ask Audrey gives her unique advice to fans in a fix, but don't expect her to be nice! Read Audrey's latest advice every Friday in Life/Style in The Irish Examiner. What's your problem?

Written by Pat Fitzpatrick, produced by Kilian Pettit in Studio 4, RedFM.

Performed by Esther McCarthy, Pat Fitzpatrick, Dave Mac, Kilian Pettit and Emer O'Mahony.


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