Around 140 files have been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions relating to people arriving into Ireland without a negative PCR test, according to a government minister. It’s after plans for mandatory quarantine for people who arrive here from South Africa, Brazil or without a negative test were revealed as part of the extended […]

SIPTU are questioning the accuracy of the numbers of infections among workers in the meat industry following a large outbreak at a processing plant in Cork. 66 employees at the ABP plant in Bandon were diagnosed as Covid positive in recent days. ABP say they implemented measures to prevent the spread of the virus at […]

Representatives of the insurance industry are being urged to appear before the Oireachtas Finance committee to explain why life assurance applicants are being asked if they have had Covid-19 Cork Fine Gael Senator Tim Lombard has described the inclusion of the question as disproportionate when other respiratory illnesses or viruses are not checked for on […]

That’s the findings from a new study by Eurosurveillance. The study looks at outbreaks of the virus linked to air travel. The flight, which was 17 percent full, led to 13 confirmed cases within those on board. Each of these had transferred via a large international airport, flying into Europe from three different continents. The […]

That’s according to a new Dublin City University study. The study examines the effects of the pandemic on family businesses. 47 percent of businesses surveyed say they had to make permanent layoffs as a result of the crisis. While 81 percent say they used government supports to offset the negative impact on their business.

That’s according to new figures obtained by the Sunday Independent. They show the Department of Welfare spent the most money on equipment for employees between March and November 2020. 634,000 euro was spent on laptops and an additional 55,000 euro on software licences. Over 410,000 euro was spent by the Department of Defence on laptops […]

1,914 people are currently receiving treatment. It’s up 21 since yesterday. There are 214 patients in intensive care – a decrease of 1 in 24 hours. 343 critical care beds are open and staffed in the public system, with 24 of those available.

They will extend into the second quarter of the year. The Tanaiste says new initiatives will be also be developed for businesses locked out of exisiting supports. Speaking to the Business Post, Leo Varadkar says the CRSS and employment wage subsidy scheme will have to remain in place into the second half of the year, […]

That’s despite being told to have lists of frontline workers on standby for any extra doses. In a statement issued last night it says it acknowledges the “disappointment and frustration” this has caused for staff in direct contact with patients — and still waiting for the vaccine. Trade union SIPTU says many paramedics, healthcare assistants […]

That’s according to the Taoiseach. While talks are also expected to continue tomorrow about students with special educational needs, and plans to get them back into the classroom. It was supposed to happen last week, but that was scrapped due to disagreement on how to do it safely. The Taoiseach says school re-openings more widely […]



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